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Reception Curriculum Overview



Summer Term  

During the Summer Term we will be learning about the world around us as well as the world beyond Chesterton.  We will be learning about other countries and cultures and will think about journeys as we get ready to go to Year 1. 

Communication and Language

We will continue to develop our vocabulary as we talk about places around the world, we will look at new stories as well as retelling stories we have already heard to support us in our own writing.  We will be making comparisons between our country and others and we will discuss similarities and differences. 

Personal Social and Emotional Development

During the Summer term now that our friendships are established, we will continue to work on sharing and taking care of each other.  We will be working on challenges in class to sustain our concentration and listening skills and we will learn that perseverance is important when reaching our goals.

Physical Development

We will be using tools such as scissors and paintbrushes to refine our fine motor skills, we will also be using a range of skills in our art work to apply pressure to clay to make impressions.

During PE we will be looking at a variety of skills that will support us in athletics, such as running, skipping, jumping as well as practising our throwing and catching.  We are looking forward to putting these into place in our annual Sports Day.


This term we will be applying what we have learned in phonics to our own writing.  We are going to be reading about stories from different parts of the world and will use Talk for Writing to help us to write new versions of the stories.  We will read stories like ‘The Big Red Bath’, ‘Handa’s Surprise’, ‘No Room for a Baby Roo’ as well as ‘Sulew’ by Lupita Nyong'o to give us an insight to other parts of the world.

We know that to be accurate and fast readers we need to know many tricky words so we will also be using this time to practise and rehearse these in fun and inventive ways so that they become easy for us to remember when we read and write.


In Maths we will be learning about numbers above 10 and will recap number bonds.  We will also look again at patterns in shapes as well as in numbers and will talk about doubling and sharing amounts as well as addition and subtraction.  We love to be mathematicians in Reception and we love to solve a problem.  The Summer term will provide lots of recap and application of the maths we have learned so far.

Understanding the World

This term we will be historians by discovering about important people from the past.  We will also be looking at the way transport has changed.  We will continue to look at the changes in the weather and seasons, photographing the changes and making comparisons to what we have seen during the year. 

We will also look again at maps, looking not just at our surrounding areas and the United Kingdom, but will also look at other parts of the world including Africa, the Artic regions and Australia.  From here we will be looking at a variety of new animals from around the globe in comparison to the ones who live in the wild in this country.

Expressive Arts and Design

As artists this term we will be using clay and discovering how we can manipulate it into different shapes and also how we can print onto it.  We will be using what we have learned about in class to inspire our ideas.  

We will continue to role-play, as we become vets in our animal hospital and will go on long journeys in ‘aeroplanes’ and ‘ships’ to encourage our imagination.