Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Spring Term


In Maths this term we will be revising our knowledge of times tables, using formal methods for division, investigating area and fractions. We will also begin to look at decimals.


In English this term we will be looking at biographies and writing a newspaper report. We will also explore poetry and narratives and how we can implement a range of skills within our writing, ensuring our grammar skills are embedded confidently across all our writing.


In History this term we will be exploring Roman Empire and the impact the Romans had upon Britain. We will be looking at the Roman Army, how they lived and the legacy they left behind.


In Geography this term we will be looking at locating countries including North and South America. We will look at major cities and we will use a range of medias to research including atlases and internet resources.


In Science this term we will be investigating Animals including humans and will be exploring food chains. We will also be exploring Living Things and Their Habitats where we will be classifying and grouping living things by characteristics. We will also look at environments and how these impact upon living things.


In PSHE this term we will be considering two specific questions. How do we treat each other with respect? We will consider how to have  respect for ourselves and others. How to show courteous behaviour, how to maintain safety and we will explore human rights

Religious Education

In RE this term we will be looking at Commitment – we will consider engagement with a variety of people about their beliefs and values and will ask questions about the way commitment affects their lives.

Art and Design

In Art this term we will be using different techniques within painting. We will start to use light and dark within painting and show understanding of complimentary colours.

We will be confidently controlling types of marks made and experiment with different effects and textures including blocking in colour, washes, thickened paint creating textural effects. We will also start to develop a painting from a drawing and evaluate our finished artwork.

Design and Technology

In D&T this term we will be investigating Electrical Systems -  we will create simple circuits and switches (including programming and control)


In computing this term we will be using repetition in shapes. We will be using a text-based programming language to explore count-controlled loops when drawing shapes. We will also be Data logging  and will be recognising how and why data is collected over time, before using data loggers to carry out an investigation.

Physical Education

In Physical Education this term we will be  playing invasion games  which will include  tag rugby,  hockey, netball and football. We will also play rounders and cricket as strike and field skills.


In Music this term we will be looking at a range of musical areas which include:

Beat Building - themed songs allow the children to explore how music can be structured to provide different textures. They use layers and rondo structure to combine ostinati played on body percussion and tuned instruments.

Pitch - Explore pentatonic melodies and syncopated rhythms, learning that the fundamental dimensions of music are the same all over the world.

Structure  - The children celebrate achievements of the ‘Amazing Egyptians’ and explore 20th century minimalist music inspired by the age of Akhenaten. They arrange and perform a layered pyramid structure.

Pitch  - A sample of the sights and sounds of the Spanish-speaking world, including greetings, counting to twelve and playing a singing game. The children explore part-singing and accompaniments in four contrasting songs.

Modern Foreign Languages

In MFL this term we will be continuing with our French and will be talking about leisure activities, telling the time and talking, all whilst recapping the language we have already introduced in order to build sentences.