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Year 4 Curriculum Overview



Summer Term 


In English this term, we will be looking at the life of Floella Benjamin through our guided reading and writing a letter and writing an advert. We will also explore poetry and narratives and how we can implement a range of skills within our writing, ensuring our grammar skills are embedded confidently across all our writing.


In Maths this term, we will be revising our knowledge of times tables and start to explore fractions. We will also begin to look at decimals.


In Science this term we will be Sound and will be exploring the digestive system of animals including humans. We will link our sound learning to music and look at how sound travels and how the volume and pitch are created.


In computing this term we will be using a programme to allow us to audio record a podcast. Through Audio editing  we will be aiming to capture and edit audio to produce a podcast, ensuring that copyright is considered. 


In Geography this term we will be looking at the water cycle. We will be using our previous knowledge of states of matter to consider the journey of water within the cycle.


In History this term we will be exploring Ancient Egyptians and the legacy they left. We will be looking at the way they lived and we will look at mummification too.


In PSHE this term we will be considering two specific questions: How will we grow and change? How can we manage our feelings? We will look at how the body changes due to puberty and how this can affect the body and emotions. We will consider ways to help us as we grow and develop through puberty.


In Music this term we will be looking at a range of musical areas which include:

Communication – Composition

Create a news programme, complete with theme music and school news headlines. Using songs and raps, this musical news bulletin will alert the school to the burning issues of the day!

Time – Beat

Music featuring bells and clocks helps the children to understand rhythm and syncopation. They learn to sing and play bell patterns, listen to an orchestral clock piece, and create their own descriptive music.

In the Past – Notation

Use a variety of notations to build performances from different periods and styles. They learn a Renaissance dance, walk down the aisle to Wagner’s Bridal march and dance the mashed potato!

Food and Drink – Performance

The children cook up a musical feast. They enjoy a varied diet of healthy beans, exotic Tudor banquets and DIY pizzas before celebrating in a song performance.

Design and Technology

In D&T this term we will be designing a money container (2D) and realising our design into a 3D final piece.

Art and Design

In Art this term we will be using different techniques within sculpture. We will decorate, coil, and produce marquettes (scaled model) confidently. Model over an armature: newspaper frame for modroc.  We aim to gain more confidence in carving as a form of 3D art.


In MFL this term we will be continuing with our French and will be talking about festivals and dates, talking about presents at festivals, numbers 31-60 and giving and understanding commands. We will also  consider going to French cities, giving and understanding basic directions, talking about the weather and weather and places in France.

Physical Education

In Physical Education this term we will be  using our skills within athletics. We will also play in team games like rounders. We will also be using skills with racket sports including tennis and badminton.

Religious Education

In RE this term we will be looking at – Thinking about God  -  where we will  try to identify some of the ways in which religions name and describe attributes of God and make links with belief and practice. We will also be looking at ‘Features and patterns of worship’ -  we will  Identify the main features and patterns of an act of worship and talk about the importance of worship for believers.