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The school’s intent for History learning focuses on developing the children’s knowledge of how life has changed over time both within the UK and the wider world, and how this may impact on life in the future. We believe that through History the children can develop a strong understanding of, and increased exposure to, diversity and British Values deepening their understanding of their heritage and wider historical events. By studying local history in Autumn 2 we will develop upon the geographical knowledge learnt in the previous half-term. The school’s context is such that the children’s understanding of their locality, and how it relates to the UK and wider world, is limited. Therefore, a strong understanding of the local history and its impact upon the country’s industry is vital to establish an understanding of their heritage and how the pottery and coal industries shaped our lives today. By alternating the study of the Pottery Industry with the Coal Mining Industry the children will develop a deep knowledge and pride in the history of their locality throughout their time here.    

In KS1 this learning extends throughout the year to deepen their understanding of the changes that have taken place in people’s everyday lives as well as the impact of significant individuals on the UK and the wider world. The development of a strong understanding of our Monarch and the Monarchy in KS1 will be revisited in British Values learning as the children progress through the school.   

In KS2 the study of British History, from the Stone Age through to the Vikings, develops the children’s chronological understanding, allowing them to reflect upon their previous learning and evaluate how areas of everyday life have developed over time. The children will study a variety of aspects of day to day life in each time period and compare them with the lives of those who followed them.  

Ancient Civilisations builds upon the geographical knowledge of the wider world that the children will have developed during their Geography units, whilst focusing on the History of the area. Comparisons between modern life and the lives of the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Mayans will enable the children to understand how life was different in other parts of the world as well as in the UK. Children will also develop an understanding of how each time period has had an impact on our lives today.   

At the end of their historical journey at Crackley Bank, Year 6 will focus on a significant turning point in British history: World War Two. This is a unit that not only inspires our children, but also develops their understanding of the sacrifice made for their liberty. Children will be given the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, whilst comparing and contrasting different aspects of one of the most poignant stages in British history.