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Year 2 Curriculum Overview



Summer Term 

Hello and welcome to a new term in Year 2. We are working so hard and I am really looking forward to seeing what the new term brings. We will be taking part in lots of wonderful things this term, as well as working hard.

Take a look at what we will be learning all about this term.



In English we will continue to work om our fantastic handwriting, as well as learning all about how to write really interesting sentences. This term we will be developing our story writing skills further, getting into the characters and descriptions. In our non-fiction writing we will be writing reports to inform and explanations to explain how to do something. As always we continue to consolidate our love for reading with our guided reading sessions and stories. A favourite time of the day for Mrs Mee and year 2! We will be developing our comprehension skills and working on how to find answers in the text we are reading.


In Maths we will consolidate our work on fractions as well as recapping the four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This term will focus on different types of measurements. We will look at length and height; time; capacity, mass and volume; and also position and direction. Lots of lovely practical and real maths to be explored which is really exciting.  


Our Summer Term units in Science will be all about Animals and humans. During the first half term we will focus on the Animals side of things – looking at different animals, what they need to survive and looking at life cycles. In the second half term we will focus on the Human element, looking at how we keep ourselves healthy.


In Computing this term we will be learning some new skills. I am very excited that we will be learning how to make music using a computer and in the second half term we will be making an interactive quiz using programming. Fantastic opportunities to explore different uses of a computer.


Our Geography unit this term will be all about our wonderful weather. We will be learning about different types of weather, including some of those extreme weathers that are seen around the world. We will take a look at weather close to home as well as around the world.


In History we will be learning all about significant individuals in history. We have chosen to look at the fantastic space travellers and the contribution they have made to our world today. Tim Peake, Neil Armstrong and Sunita Williams are some of the astronauts we will learn about, as well as their contributions to space travel today.


Our units for PSHE will be all about healthy bodies and healthy minds. These two things need to work together so we will look at how to keep our bodies healthy through diet and exercise as well as looking at our feelings and how we deal with new situations such as growing up and changing year groups.


In Music we will develop our notation skills, reading simple notes and begin to play tuned instruments, using the glockenspiels and xylophones. This will develop time-keeping skills, beats and rhythm too.

Design and Technology

This term we will be exploring textiles – looking at different techniques for joining materials together to create something special and individual. I am looking forward to creating our own individual pieces using our imagination and design skills.


In Art we will be looking at sculptures which is really exciting. We will look at how textures and patterns are made as well as developing our knowledge of carving as a form of 3D sculpture.


This term we will be developing our bat and ball skills during Leap sessions.  As part of our team games we will be learning about how to play football and develop our cooperation and coordination skills too. We will also be developing our athletics skills looking at running, jumping and throwing.


In RE we will be learning about stories from sacred texts such as the bible and how kindness and goodness are important values in life.