Year 2 Homework

Thursday 27th January 2021



Hello Year 2 and welcome to this week’s homework. I would like to see you all have a go at this week’s activities and send me any photographs of your work.



Keep reading! Remember to read as much as you can – you know it’s my favourite thing. Remember to write it into your diary so we can see where you have got to in your book.



This week I’d like you to recap all of our pink set tricky words. However, this week I would like you to also put them into a sentence.

For example: We should have turned right by the shops.




This week we have been learning all about division – sharing and grouping. I would like you to practise these skills by completing the activities on My Maths that I have set for you.


Right Year 2, let’s work really hard this week and try to get those progressions up on maths whizz! Let’s try to get a certificate this week! Will we get Bronze, Silver or Gold?

Crucial Knowledge

Now that we have got our new crucial knowledge for this half term, make sure that you take a good look at it and keep practising those key facts.