Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Spring term


In maths we will start off by recapping our crucial knowledge from the Autumn term. This will then get us ready for our new learning where we begin with understanding place value to 20 and solving addition and subtraction problems within 20. We will then move on to learning place value to 50. We will also be learning about measurement including weight and capacity.


In English we will be writing stories with patterns and predictable phrases such as ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’ by Bill Martin Jr and ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen.  We will also be learning how write postcards and reports.  In Spring 2 our stories will be focused on the same author ‘Eric Carle’ where will be reading a range of his stories such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider and The Mixed up Chameleon. In our English reading lessons, we will be practising our comprehension skills as well as our reading skills. We will be learning how to answer questions about a text.

Physical Education

In P.E we will be practising our ball skills including throwing, catching and target practise. This will then help us as we begin to learn about Team games.

Religious Education

In R.E we will be discussing families, and how believers can view their faith communities as a family too. We will also be exploring different celebrations within religions, and how they are celebrated within different faiths.


In Science we will be learning all about animals and the different animal groups such as reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and mammals. In Spring 2 we will be learning all about plants! We will be exploring different kinds of plants, and the key parts of a plant.

Art and Design

In Art we will be painting! We will be learning about primary colours, secondary colours and exploring colour mixing. We will be looking at the artist Joan Miro and taking inspiration from his work to become artists and create our own paintings!

Design and Technology

In Design and Technology, we will be learning about structures and will be exploring how to make a freestanding structure.


In Geography we will be learning about the 4 countries of the UK. We will find out about their Capital Cities and surrounding seas too. We will be using atlases and maps to explore the UK and we will refer back to our Geography crucial knowledge.


In History we will be learning about the 1960s and how things have changed since then. We will be looking at homes, music and life in the 1960s and compare it with what life is like today.


In PSHE we will be looking at the questions:

  • Who helps keep us safe
  • What can we do with money?

In these areas we will be focusing on health and wellbeing, keeping safe, people who help us, living in the wider world, making choices and the difference between needs and wants.


In Music will be exploring beat through movement, body percussion and instruments. We will also look at  how we keep a rhythm and change tempo. We will be exploring pitch through singing, tuned percussion and listening. We will also be exploring sounds found in our school environment. We will produce and record sounds using ICT. We will be exploring pattern and beat developing an understanding of a steady beat through counting, body percussion and readying scores.


In Computing we will be learning to writing short algorithms and programs for floor robots, and predicting program outcomes. We will be grouping data and exploring object labels, then using them to sort and group objects by properties.

Modern Foreign Languages

In French we will be learning some more key French phrases such as Bonjour and Je m’appelle.