Our Curriculum

Curriculum Statement 

Vision Statement 

At Crackley Bank Primary Shool we aim to provide all children with a broad and balanced curriculum which has knowledge-based learning as a core value.  


Overview, Principles and Interpretation  

  • Knowledge empowers and builds confidence
  • Crucial knowledge should be agreed by ALL relevant staff. 
  • Crucial knowledge should be constantly taught, recapped and assessed
  • Assessment takes place every day, every hour and every minute - not waiting for formal termly assessment dates! This will allow opportunity to ensure crucial knowledge is fully embedded at the appropriate times.
  • Knowledge allows comprehension. Skills are dependent on knowledge
  • Sequencing is essential and should be well thought-out and logical
  • Constant recap is essential – it allows successful recall and embeds knowledge
  • Knowledge is generative. It will develop confidence as pupils apply it to the correct contexts across different areas.


As a trust we want documents to be produced under the following headings for each specific subject area.   

  1. A) Curriculum Overview 
  2. B) Curriculum Intent 
  3. C) Curriculum Sequencing/Scheduling (including specific planned RECAP/RECALL) 
  4. D) Crucial knowledge/glossaries – key knowledge resources 


Curriculum Intent 

All subjects have a clear understanding of the sequence in which knowledge is taught. Knowledge is at the heart of the plans, with crucial knowledge always leading the content. Recap is planned for in as much detail as possible.  

Curriculum Implementation 

Over time, pupils, ‘know more, remember more and apply more.’ They can recognise and apply their knowledge in context. Assessment is essential on a daily, lesson by lesson, if not hourly basis. Knowledge gaps are highlighted and filled constantly, misconceptions are addressed and differentiation is key so to ensure that each pupil progresses at the optimum speed.  

Curriculum Impact 

How well the pupils learn and apply their knowledge and curriculum content in relevant context.