Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Spring Term


In English, we will be developing our writing and comprehension skills throughout the term. During our Guided Reading sessions, we will be reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling, The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes and She Wolf by Dan Smith. We will be writing for different purposes through lots of different text types for example narratives, rhythmic poetry and newspaper reports. Our Comprehension sessions will focus on different question types and developing our use of the text to provide supportive evidence.


In Maths this term, we will be recapping and developing our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. We will also be learning all about algebra and ratio as well as statistics. We will be recapping units of measure and how to convert them, which will feed into our unit on perimeter, area and volume.


In Science, during our Animals including Humans unit, we will be identifying and naming parts of the human circulatory system as well as describing their functions. We will also be completing our Living Things and their Habitats unit where we will consider how living things (including micro-organisms) are classified into groups based on similarities and differences.


This term in History, we will be widening our knowledge of British History by focusing on the Vikings, their invasions and their struggle with the Anglo-Saxons for the kingdom of England.


In Geography, we will be building on our locational knowledge of the UK and the wider world by considering the similarities and differences in human and physical features between the UK and Brazil in South America.


This term in PSHE, we will be looking at different ways in which the media influence people. In particular, we will consider our digital resilience, how we are influenced and the safe decisions we make as a result.

Religious Education

In RE, we will be looking at religious stories and making links to the activities of religious communities. We will also be considering the links between beliefs and action through charity work and reflect on how this might have local, national and international impact.

Artand Design

In Art this term, we will be developing our painting skills. We will recap our knowledge of colour mixing and create shades and tones. We will be studying a piece of work called “Double Tent” by Paul Klee and using this to inspire our own painting.

Design and Technology

This term in D&T, we will be celebrating culture and seasonality in our unit about food. We will aim to plan, prepare and cook a predominately savoury meal using seasonal ingredients and a range of cooking techniques.


In Music, we will explore Ravel’s Bolero through rhythmical mime, learn songs with instrumental accompaniments and create a dance to build into a street performance. We will also be learning some traditional Ghanaian songs and percussion rhythms and we will use these to develop and complete our own performances. 


This term in Computing, we will be exploring different variables when designing and coding a game. We will also be analysing, organising and calculating data using spreadsheets.

Modern Foreign Languages

In French, we will be learning lots of different vocabulary and beginning to build sentences. We will learn about different French cities and how to give and understand basic directions. We will learn the vocabulary to talk about the weather, shop for different foods as well as how to ask and say how much something costs. We will be able to talk about activities at a party and give opinions about food and various activities.

Physical Education

In PE, we are going to be developing our striking and fielding skills through rounders and cricket games. We are also going to complete invasion games through tag rugby and hockey.