Here at Crackley Bank Primary School we follow a progressive scheme for music that helps to develop skills in each year group.
The school’s intent is to give all our children exposure to a wide range of music, musical styles and instruments. With singing at the heart of our music curriculum, the children experience a wide range of songs, both old and new. Singing helps the children to develop an understanding of pulse, rhythm, pitch and tone. Alongside class sessions, weekly whole school singing is led by 2 teachers with musical backgrounds. Through singing, the children understand how musical styles and genres have changed over time and how we can enjoy both up-to-date modern music, whilst appreciating older music. We look at different cultural styles of singing through class units and weekly assemblies. At Christmas the children experience singing traditional Christmas Carols as well as enjoying classic sing-a-long Christmas songs.
The children are exposed to musical instruments throughout school, with skills being developed and built upon each year. In Year 3 specialist music teachers deliver discreet instrument sessions in line with recommendations from the New Model Music Curriculum.
In the Early Years, musical instruments are explored through play and discussion.
In Key Stage One, children experiment with un-tuned instruments – adding these to songs in appropriate places. They will experiment with using the xylophone as part of their teaching sessions, where appropriate.
In Key Stage Two the children develop their understanding of tuned instruments, such as Recorders in Year 3 and then moving onto Ukulele in Year 6.
Developing their musical notation reading is important too. This develops from pictures representing each instrument and when to play it in KS1, to reading basic treble clef notation in KS2.
Prior to Covid restrictions, as a school, we participated in community singing events, such as concerts with the local high school, Carol singing at the local church and Young Voices. As we ease back into normal singing life at school we will re-build our community singing activities, starting with sharing our singing with the school community and families.