Design and Technology

The school’s intent for Design & Technology is to provide the children with a wide range of transferable skills over a range of technological foci that enable them to plan, design and evaluate products that have been made for a real purpose.

Mechanisms develop into Mechanical systems and will then impact upon the development of fairground rides or controllable vehicles in Y6. Mechanisms is revisited frequently because this links to industry and life skills.

Structures are revisited every two years moving from simple structures made from straws and strengthened by triangles, to the use of nets and then how nets and frames can be developed to make a shelter in Year 5. The development of mechanisms will also impact upon the structures and electrical systems units e.g. mechanisms to open doors in Alarms unit – this is why mechanisms are taught first.

Food is taught five times.  This is because Health eating is a focus Intent 8: Encourage children to be active and healthy. We intend that by teaching about healthy food and preparing simple meals the children will have a better understanding of healthy lifestyles and apply this knowledge to their home lives.

Textiles develops skills from simple sewing to following a pattern to create a 3D product. These units develop skills for life – they may also be applied in Art.

Electrical systems - In Year 4 the DT unit will consolidate the Electricity Science Unit taught in the Autumn Term focussing upon simple circuits. In Year 6 the children will have the opportunity to revisit their DT products from the Autumn term and develop speed, sound and light intensity.