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This Week's Awards

Friday 23rd February 

It was fabulous to see everyone back this week and everyone was very much ready to begin their learning! We had our usual Friday assembly and it was KS2 who were celebrating their achievements! Please join us in congratulating the following children:
Year 3 - Freddie, Amelia, Ava, Mason, Louie
Year 4 – Alfie, Alice, Luca, Samuel, Angel
Year 5 - Bentley, Lily-Rose, Whitney, Leon T, Layla M
Year 6 - Abigail, Paige, Eva, Alfie
Well done everyone :-) 


Friday 9th February 

A fabulous week of learning yet again Crackley Bank! Well done everyone. This week we celebrated our learning together in our assembly as a whole school. It was great to see 7 stars of the week and all for very similar reasons of ALWAYS being the best that they can be and following our ethos of Care + Belief + Pride = Success. It was so lovely to see our youngest to our oldest children being proud of each other too. Have a lovely half term everyone and please join us in congratulating the following children:
Reception – Jasmine, Jessica, Evelyn and Ifrah
Year 1 – Henson, Kaydan-Kayne, Lily-Ann, Jaxon P, Ryan
Year 2 - Isla S, Alby and Max
Year 3 – Holly, Frankie, Amelia, Freddie, James M
Year 4 – Sara, Morgan, Olivia-Leigh, Alexandros, Wilfey
Year 5 - Olimpia, Arry, Jake, Xavier,
Year 6 – Francesca, Stanley, Abigail, Zachary, Joshua P

Friday 2nd February 

What a busy day we have had exploring! It has been fabulous to see everyone dressed up in school today and we have really enjoyed using maps, co-ordinates and a compass to talk about Geography and where we are in the world. Year 4 went on their residential this week and they really shone brightly, showing our true Crackley ethos, well done Year 4, even other schools commented on your excellent behaviour.
The following children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 also need congratulating as we have had our award assembly this week. Well done to....
Reception – Ethan, David, Alfie Sp, Katy
Year 1 – Brody, Ralphy, Jensen, Amara and Bronwen
Year 2 – Summer, Lilien, Anna, Jenson,


Friday 26th January

We have had a great week full of extra curricular activities! Nursery have been singing 'The Wheels on the Bus', so went for a trip on our school mini bus, they loved spotting the familiar places as they went past and had to give Mr Bentley a bus ticket. Some of our choir have been to Young Voices in Birmingham and sang their hearts out and Year 2 showed great resilience at Standon Bowers on their overnight stay! What a fabulous week!
This week Years 3-6 celebrated in Awards Assembly, well done to the following children:
Year 3 – James S, Emily, James M and Lana
Year 4 - Ruby, William, Billy, Ivie-May and Esmae
Year 5 - Poppy H, Logan M, Poppy-Sue, Xander, Amelia
Year 6 – Esmae, Joshua OH, Logan, Jade


Friday 19th January 

Well this week seems to have flown by! We really have had another super week of learning here at Crackley Bank. Well done to everyone who has been awarded certificates this week, from Maths Whizzers, to Stars of the week, it has been lovely to hear what the following children have been up to. They have made their adults in school very proud, we are sure that the adults at home will be very pleased too. 🏆. Well done Reception and Key Stage One
Reception – Harper, Parker, Archie, Ethan and Courtney
Year 1 – Teagan, Kaydan-Kayne, Charlotte, Trevor, Layla
Year 2 – Daisy, Deano, Niamh, Joseph, Ellie, Teddy

Friday 12th January 

School has been calm, productive and full of friendly chatter this week! Everyone has been glad to get back to routines and it has been great to welcome everyone back!
We have started our half term with Key Stage 2's assembly. Please join us in congratulating a super first week for many reasons, including Mathematics, Writing, Reading, being kind, demonstrating our school ethos and following our school rules. Well done everyone:
Y3 - Daiton, Ruby, James S, Harry
Y4 – Caleb, Layla-Beau, Edward, Chloe
Y5 - Lexi, Bentley, Tommy, Layla M
Y6 - Billy, Lilly, Esmae, Freya, Amy