From Spring 2020 we started to teach French using the Rigolo materials. This programme was chosen to offer support to staff who are not specialists in teaching French and offers clear guidance and support tailored with engaging, high quality resources. The programme is progressive and has a clear focus upon pronunciation, songs to aid memorisation, the inclusion of cultural insights, links to literacy and oracy as well as a light-touch focus on grammar.

Language skills need to be taught in a clear sequence and because of this all the KS2 year groups will began with the Year 3 lessons (Spring 2020), it is expected that older year groups will progress through the teaching sequence more quickly than the Year 3 children however the teachers will use their professional judgement to decide how quickly to move on to ensure that there is a clear focus upon repetition to embed their learning.

Teachers will use opportunities throughout the week to reinforce what the children had learned e.g. use French when teaching art to reinforce the names of the colours, counting in Maths when using a number line, however they will not detract from the subject being taught.

After the national school closures there was a focus upon recap for core subjects. From summer 2021 year groups recapped the Rigolo units that were set for home learning during the spring term. The French overview has been reviewed in light of this and each year group has continued with the following unit from the Rigolo programme.