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Year 6 Curriculum Overview



Summer Term


In English, we will be continuing to develop and refine our writing and comprehension skills throughout the term. During our Guided Reading sessions, we will be reading Journey to Jo’burg by Beverley Naidoo and Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian. We will be writing for different purposes through lots of different text types for example narratives, balanced arguments and magazine articles. Our Comprehension sessions will focus continue to focus on developing our use of the text to provide supportive evidence.


In Maths this term, we will be recapping and consolidating our previous learning. We will be learning all about statistics, interpreting different graphs and charts. We will also be looking at different types of angles, how to draw and calculate them, as well as considering nets of shapes. We will be focusing on our problem solving and reasoning skills too.   


We will also be learning all about adaptation of living things, inheritance of different characteristics, Natural Selection and the Theory of Evolution. We will also consider how fossils can be used as evidence to prove these ideas.

During our Animals including Humans unit, we will be identifying ways in which we can have a healthy lifestyle and the impact of these ideas on human beings. 


This term in Computing, we will be exploring planning, developing, and evaluating 3D computer models of physical objects. We will also be completing a project on designing and coding.


In Geography, we will be using our previous knowledge of different places in the world to compare and contrast climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts.


This term in History, we will focus on a significant turning point in British history: World War Two. We will consider key events during the war for example, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz as well as rationing and evacuation.


This term in PSHE, we will consider things that may change as we become more independent for example, friendships and other relationships, physical changes as we move towards adulthood and the transition from primary school to secondary school.


In Music, we will be continuing to use our voices and different instruments to create music. After half term, we will focus our time on our Leavers’ Assembly. We will practise and perform our assembly, celebrating our time in school using skills developed through the year.

Design and Technology

This term in D&T, we will be using our Science knowledge of electricity to design and make an electrical system using more complex switches and circuits.

Art and Design

In Art this term, we will be developing our sculpture skills. We will use a combination of pinch, slab, and coil techniques to model our work around constructed foundations. We will also work on our carving techniques.


In French, we will be learning lots of different vocabulary and continuing to build our knowledge of sentences. We will be using lots of vocabulary and sentence stems to talk about different items of clothing as well as recapping all of our Crucial Knowledge!


In PE, we will be going swimming! We will be building confidence in the water and building up to swimming 25m. We will also be developing our throwing, jumping and running skills during our Athletics sessions. In addition, we will recap our striking our fielding skills through rounders and cricket games.


In RE, we will be considering the importance of hope and how people of faith may find answers to issues they may have within religious teachings. In particular, we will be looking at the life of Hugo Gryn and how celebrating Hanukkah gave him hope. We will also be investigating stories about the rich and the poor as well as different religious views on charity.