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Year 3 Curriculum Overview



Summer Term


In English, we are going to be writing to entertain and to inform. We will be writing stories linked to our class text. We will also link our writing to our history unit: The Ancient Greeks. We will move on to write biographies and a travel report. We will continue to develop our skills when answering questions during comprehension lessons. We will also continue to focus on handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar.


In Mathematics, we will be recapping place value and written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be developing our knowledge of fractions. We will move on to solve measurement problems, including: time, mass and capacity. Finally, we will be learning about the properties of shape.  


In Science, we will be learning about light. We will find out that dark is when there is no light. A reflection occurs when light bounces off an object. We will move on to learn about the following definitions: transparent when you can see clearly through something, opaque when you can’t see through it, does not let any light through and translucent when you can see through something but not clearly. We will also learn that a shadow occurs when an opaque object blocks the light it forms a shadow. We will then find about animals including humans, where we will be learning about diet. We will find out that animals and humans need food, water and air to survive and the fact that plants create their own foo. Finally, we will find out all about food groups.


In Computing, we will be creating documents by modifying text, images, and page layouts for a specified purpose.  We will move onto writing algorithms and programs that use a range of events to trigger sequences of actions.


In our Geography unit ‘This is Our Earth, Volcanoes & Earthquakes’, we will be finding out that Earth is made up of the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. The Earth’s crust is made up of large areas called tectonic plates that meet. We will learn that when the tectonic plates move, it causes friction. This causes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions near the edges of the plates.


In History, we will be learning all about The Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Greeks lived around 4000 years ago; from 1200 BC to 146BC. We will learn that Greece was divided up into lots of different areas called ‘city-states’. The most famous city-states were Athens and Sparta.  We will move on to find out what The Ancient Greeks were famous for with a focus on the things they invented that we still use today.


In PSHE, in our focus is health and wellbeing. We will be learning about being healthy this will include discussions about why we should we eat well and how to look after our teeth. We will move on to think about why it is important to keep active and sleep well.


In Music, we will continue to develop our skills when playing the ukulele. We will develop our understanding of beat, metre and rhythm. Combine melodic and rhythmic patterns. Listen to traditional music, exploring ancient Greece with music inspired by Orpheus, Echo and Theseus.


In Design and Technology, we will be learning about food including a focus on healthy and varied diets. We will be making sandwiches with a range of fillings.  We will learn that a sandwich filling can be any food item that you like but some foods are better than others.


In Art, we will be creating sculptures. We will learn how to produce more intricate surface patterns and textures and using them when appropriate. We will be using pinch, slab and coil techniques. Finally, we will continue to explore carving as a form of 3D art.


In MFL, we will be learning to use the French vocabulary for identifying members of your family, the alphabet, household items and using basic prepositions ‘sur’ and ‘dans’ to describe position. We will move on to recognise and ask for various snacks, giving opinions about food, numbers 21 to 31 and months of the year.

Physical Education:   

In Physical Education, we will be developing our athletics skills. We will also be learning the rules for tennis and playing tennis matches. We will be developing our striking and fielding skills when playing rounders and cricket. Finally, we will develop our skills when playing badminton.


In Religious Education, we will explore the meaning of a wide range of stories about the beginnings of the world and reflect upon their importance for believers. We will move onto thinking about the life of key religious figures and make links with teachings and practices of special significance to followers.