This Week's Awards


We have had another great week in school as we have begun to learn our new school rules of 'Try our best, Be Calm, Be Truthful, Be Safe, Be kind'.  These are children have consistently tried hard, following our school ethos of  Care + Belief + Pride = Success.  Congratulations to you all! 


Friday 21st January  




Nancy, Elaina, Max, Jenson and Devon  

Year 1  

Paige, Toffy, Louie, Vinnie

Year 2  

Edward, Ruby, Morgan and Lexi


Year 3 

Freya, Ruby, Xander and Poppy-Sue


Year 4 

 Freya, Tarni- Rae Francesca and Joshua OH


Year 5 

 Abigail. Amelia H and Ollie


Year 6 

Freddy, Jack, Lily and Alfie B