Phonics in Reception

Phonics is a way of teaching reading by knowing our letters.  We use Jolly Phonics to teach phonics. You can find out more by clicking the picture above.  Each week we will add our new learning to this page so you can practise at home too.  Keep checking back for games and ideas to help you with reading at home.  

Look what we have learned so far...
Our new sounds

We have LOVED learning our letters this week.  We have even practised reading some words with these letters too!  That is called blending.  We are going to be bringing letters home in our book bags to practise as often as we can.  Please help me to remember them.  We could play flash cards - you could make an extra set so we can play matching pairs and we can even use them to make new words.  Take a look at the lists below of the words we could read using the letters above. 

duck  dug luck truck

tip  pat it is